Farzan Deljou On Today Tv Los Angeles USA
Farzan Deljou On Today Tv Los Angeles USA



OnTodayTV and Today TV  is  pioneered TV brand by renowned exiled Iranian American Cinema Director, Movie and Tv director, Producer , Author, Actor Farzan Deljou. Farzan is the grandfather and founder of the majority of the Iranian American TV programming, Advertisement and productions since 1982. He founded Jonbesh TV, Merci TV and LIVE CHANNEL in Los Angeles in the United States Of America which broadcast nationally and internationally on Satellite. He has been a TV director and Producer since 1982 and had a major role in gathering the Iranian American celebrities in exile, faces like Shohreh Aghdashlou, Homa Sarshar,  Houshang Touzieh, Ali pourtash, Manuk Khodabakhsian, Habib Roshanzadeh, Hassan Khayatbashi, Parviz Gharibafshar, Houshanh Touzieh, Masoud Asadollahi, Nooreddin Sabetimani, Rafi Khachatoorian  with many more. He has worked with Googoosh, Shahram Shabpareh, Ebi Hamedi Dariush Eghbali, Homeyra, Andy Madadian, Black Cats, Hayideh, Mahasti, Vigen, Sattar, Morteza Barjaste, Siavash Ghomeyshi, Susan Roshan, Shahrokh, Aylin Vigen, Jaklin Vigen and many more.



Farzan Deljou began writing novels at the young age of thirteen, and wrote sixteen mystery novels, such as Mallet, A Thousand Bullets, A Puddle of Blood, The Night Whisperer, The Top Man, Invincible, and numerous others. At twenty-one years old, he entered the movie industry and created his first movie, writing, directing, starring, and producing it all by himself. Yaran with Dariush Eghbali, Aylin Vigen  was met with unbelievable success and admiration by immense crowds of youth. After playing seventeen days in theaters, at the height of its success, this movie was censored. After this first blockbuster, Deljou was invited by the most prestigious producers such as Ali Abbasi, Mehdiyeh Misaghiyeh to direct four more movies, each of which shined brighter than anyone expected and shattered records. Night of Foreigners  with Googoosh, was nominated for the Tehran Film Festival. Weeds with the famous soccer player Mehrab Shahrokhi and Aylin Vigen, Shahram Shabpareh won “Best Film” and “Best Actor” by popular vote. The Fish Die on Soil with Jamshid Mashayekhi was nominated for the Tashkent Film Festival. The Scent of Wheat with Ebi Hamedi, his final production in Iran , was also met with unpredictable success. For the first time in Iranian film history, in order to serve the demand of the youth to see his movies, cinemas across Iran added an extra pass including after midnight showing to their schedule.

In The United States Of America, Farzan Deljou continued his artistic endeavors and wrote, directed, and produced five social comedy theatrical plays, Such as “Honey Moon” with Nosratolah Vahdat, Happiness Plus Tax , with Shohreh Aghdashlou and Houshang Touzieh, Matiq with Shiela Vosoogh Ommi, Saeid Kangarani, Ali Poortash and BahramVatanparast. Hello America, Threesome Pillow  as well as the first comedy musical theatrical play ” The Gharoon Treasure. His latest book, Totally Private a novel depicting  six decades of Iran’s social and  cultural journey seen from a movie director’s vision, was published in 2016. Farzan’s current projects include one theatrical play “THE PERSIAN THING”, and three movies with English as the primary language titled ” Question?”,  “UBER” and “CHARLIE BUSTER” which he has written directing  and producing in 2022 and 2023.