About the company

OnTodayTv and Today Tv  is  pioneered  TV brand by renowned exiled Iranian American Cinema Director, Movie and Tv director, Producer , Author, Actor Farzan Deljou. Farzan is the grandfather and founder of the majority of the Iranian American TV programming, Advertisement and productions since 1982.

Today TV and Ontodaytv.com brings a collection of family oriented programming enriching lives of  Hundreds and thousands and many more Iranian Americans, Farsi speaking Americans and Persians and many other nations who have Persian, Farsi and English as their Language. OntodayTv and Today TV is open to different cultures and values the cultural diversity in the USA, Europe and the entire world. We respect different cultures and celebrate the colorful taste that each culture adds to life and TodayTv’s and Ontodaytv ‘s programming is as such.

Today Tv Studio

We welcome you to take your brand to millions of Persian speakers, Farsi speakers and multilingual Iranian American, Iranian Germans, Iranian Italian, Iranian Spanish, Iranian Canadian,Iranian Aussie, Iranian French, Iranian Swiss, Iranian Swede, Iranian Norwegian, Iranian Turks and azaris around the globe.

Many big brands have selected Today  TV and Ontodaytv.com as a primary media partner to deliver its advertising message to regional businesses. Today TV is the best Iranian American premier entertainment and business media content provider over satellite, via Apps such as GLWIZ.COM./JADOO/…

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