Ontodaytv.com and Today Tv Inc. a Non Profit, charitable Iranian American Media Company was created in Los Angeles County to educate through entertainment tailored for todays needs and to reach the underprivileged, the oppressed and suppressed masses of Iranian community with focus on Children, youth and women education. Ontodaytv.com and Today Tv Inc. creates content in support of equity, equality and fundamental freedom for the women and youth in Iran. The content creation and broadcast ontodaytv.com and Today Tv focuses on creating awareness through educating entertainment broadcast, hoping to create a coalition of Iranian grassroots, Iranian diasphora and international democracy and freedom lovers.

Today Tv is dedicated to create broadcast content that informs, educates, and advocates for public policy and legislation in support of the Iranian people in their pursuit for a representative, secular government.

Today TV, as a non-profit organization, is dedicated to promoting and defending human rights and the rule of law. We firmly believe that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and we strive to raise awareness about human rights issues through our programming and advocacy efforts.

We also recognize the critical role that freedom of information and independent media play in a democratic society. Today TV is committed to supporting and empowering independent media outlets, providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard. By doing so, we contribute to an informed citizenry and a robust public discourse.

At the core of our mission is the belief in strengthening democratic ideas and values. We work tirelessly to foster a culture of democracy, promoting principles such as equality, inclusivity, and social justice. Through educational initiatives, public forums, and community engagement, we encourage active citizenship and civic participation.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental pillars of a thriving democracy. Today TV advocates for transparency in governance and supports initiatives that promote accountability in public institutions. By shedding light on corruption and advocating for ethical practices, we aim to build trust between citizens and their elected representatives.

We recognize the vital role played by civil society organizations in driving social change and advancing democratic ideals. Today TV actively supports and collaborates with civil society organizations, providing resources, training, and platforms for their voices to be amplified.

Democratic political processes and institutions form the backbone of any democracy. Today TV strives to strengthen these processes by promoting fair and free elections, advocating for electoral reforms, and engaging citizens in political discourse. We believe in an inclusive and participatory democracy where every voice counts.

Civic education is crucial in nurturing an informed and engaged citizenry. Today TV develops and implements educational programs that promote civic literacy, helping individuals understand their rights, responsibilities, and the importance of active civic engagement.

We firmly believe in democratic conflict resolution and support peaceful means of resolving disputes. Today TV promotes dialogue, mediation, and reconciliation as essential tools for building lasting peace and stability in communities.

Freedom of association is a fundamental democratic right that we actively defend and promote. Today TV supports individuals and groups in forming associations, unions, and organizations that enable them to advocate for their interests and contribute to a vibrant civil society.

Lastly, Today TV recognizes the importance of a broad-based market economy in fostering economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity. We support initiatives that promote entrepreneurship, fair competition, and economic empowerment, with a focus on ensuring that marginalized and vulnerable populations have access to economic opportunities.

In summary, Today TV’s non-profit activities encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting human rights, democracy, transparency, and economic development. Through our advocacy, programming, Today TV movies, HDTV and partnerships, we strive to make a meaningful impact on society by empowering individuals, strengthening institutions, and fostering a culture of democracy and social justice.




Farzan Deldjou Director, Actor, Producer


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